Global Market entry and Expansion:

We conduct a detailed case analysis, proposing the result orienting market entry strategy consulting models based on the market concept delved findings to our valued clients.

Market Opportunity Estimations:

  • We understand the complete operational format of the brand
  • General marketing characteristics of the business
  • Gain familiarity with prior expansion strategies, if any.
  • Workability Analysis: We aid our clients to identify business opportunities for both local and international markets evaluating future prospects for services and products. We also endeavour studies testing the product concept or an idea proceeding to its market launch.
  • Business Plan Preparation: Our custom-made business plan engage in preparing detailed Performa and other financial projections inclusive of five year cash flow plan, moreover recommending operational, legal and marketing aspects of the business for short and long term goals.
  • Financial Module and Review: Our financial module is created to cater a future overview of the business building a hypothetical financial representation under diverse situations. This simple statistical model represents the performance of the business/project/or any other form of financial investments in business.

Partner Match making

Identification: Relying on the mode of entry, we classify the ultimate partner for our clients based on the right synergy with the existing business of the client. We cater diverse Business opportunities in an ideal investment options for veterans in India with successful market strategy for elaborate expansion and profitable turnovers. We provide with a perfect match of business model in India for long term investments.

  • Distribution Network: We have created a benchmark for the qualitative distribution network thus offering the distribution resolutions assisting the company in cost effectiveness and balancing its competitive benefits.
  • Channel Partners: Our deadline based and equity friendly programs are fabricated on an encyclopedic understanding of the business allowing the clients to expand their business with fool proof and authenticated channels for evaluating their objectives.
  • Strategic Alliances: For maximum profits and minimal risks, ExpanGlobal aids its clients with an elaborate range of adept and goal-oriented programs and services, outlined to cite maximum return on investments to establish colossal growth and considerable profitability.
  • Direct Customer Engagement & Acquisition: We provide an open and transparent direct engagement between the brand and the prospect entrepreneur interested in acquiring the business with authentic documentation of acquisition.

Marketing Support

With through market insight knowledge we recommend the most experienced partners for our clients depending on the mode of their entry and the precise alliance with the client’s exact business module.

  • Market Research: Our well-rounded team offers 360 degree view of the current market to the clients with the competing environment, ultimate user analysis, and forthcoming prospect of the product, on-going issues, demands, key growth drivers and up surging trends.
  • Digital & Offline Marketing Support: Our marketing and media team acknowledges client’s requisites by devising strategic market plans, promotional brochures and media review and reports. Our experts further evaluate the performances periodically to gauge the results and also cater consolidated digital advertising services for smooth development strengthening the online existence of the client’s brand globally.